Create and Connect to AWS EC2 from Desktop

## This assumes that you have already signed up and created an Amazon AWS account and have putty installed on your PC ##

Login to your console which will show all the services Amazon offer

Firstly you will need to create a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), so select VPC and then click on the "Start VPC Wizard". When the pop-up appears select the "VPC with a Single Public Subnet Only"

On the next section, leave the values as they are and select "Create VPC"

Once created, select your VPC from the drop down in the top left hand corner

.. and check the subnet has been created

.. and check the Internet Gateway has also been created

 Now we can concentrate on creating the EC2 instance. Go back to the console..

.. and select EC2 and then "Launch Instance"

Select the Red Hat 64-bit AMI image..

When choosing the Instance Type, leave this as it is - T1 Micro (free) and select Configure..

Change the network to the new VPC you created and Un-check "Automatically assign public IP" and leave everything else default. Move onto add Storage

Either leave it default or add another volume - You have up to 30GB free. CLick Tag Instance once done

You can either Tag your instance or leave this blank..

Configure Security Group by creating a new Security Group and give it a name..

Then select Review and Launch, and hit the Launch button..

You will then be prompted to create a new key pair - give it a name and download it to your desktop.. Then select "Launch Instance".

Go back to the EC2 console and select "Running Instances". You should see the instance Initializing and then change to Running..

Once it is running, select the "Elastic IPs" on the menu on the left.

Select "Allocate New Address" and confirm by selecting Yes.

Once created select associated address and assign the EC2 test instance just created..

 This completes the steps in AWS. Now you need a program called puttygen ( Open it and load the key that was saved earlier 

 Then click save pivate key and save it to your desktop - should be a .ppk file. Launch putty window and add in the Elastic IP Address details to connect to your EC2 instance..

In the SSH-Auth box on the left, browse to the new .ppk key and then save the session, and open it. If it works, you should be prompted with a Security Alert warning..

Click Yes, and when prompted with a "login as:" enter the details ec2-user,  and off you go..